PR (Permanent residence) in Sweden after your study studies

Many who come to Sweden for studies wish to stay longer and eventually obtain permanent residence. Getting PR (Permanent residence) in Sweden after your study is, however, a bit complicated. Student permits are seen by the Migration Agency as “temporary” permits meaning that they in most cases do not lead to permanent residence. Unfortunately studies at bachelor degree or masters level are not counted towards permanent residence.

Holders of these permits will therefore need to find employment or apply for continued studies in order to stay in Sweden. Students who wish to seek employment and that do not have anything lined up after completing their studies can apply for a residence permit for looking for work after studies. You can read more about this here.

Although student permits generally do not lead to permanent residence, there is one exception to this. If you are granted a permit for doctoral studies (PhD level), the time in Sweden will be counted towards permanent residence. This means that after holding a doctoral student permit for at least 4 years one can obtain permanent residence. The doctoral student permit can also be combined with other permit types (such as work permit or researcher permits) in order to obtain permanent residence and meet the 4 year requirement.