When applying as a dependent to a Swedish citizen or someone holding permanent residence in Sweden you will in most cases need to have an interview at a Swedish embassy as part of the process. We have written this guide with 17 Swedish residence permit interview questions to try to provide you with some insight. The interview can feel quite terrifying as there is not much information regarding the questions that are asked or how the interview will be conducted. 

When you submit this type of application and are requested for an interview at an embassy, the interview itself is generally conducted with one case officer at the embassy. They will have your application in front of them when asking the questions. All of your answers will be transcribed by the case officer as you speak.

In most cases the interview will only be conducted with the applicant and no interview will be required for the individual living in Sweden. As such, the questions the Migration Agency can ask are limited to the ones that you have already answered in your application. They will not have a way to verify your response other than by comparing it to the information in the application that you submitted. 

17 Swedish residence permit interview questions

Swedish residence permit interview questions can include the following: 

  1. What is your name?
  2. What is the name of your partner? 
  3. What is your partner’s date of birth? 
  4. What are the names of your partner’s siblings? How old are they?
  5. What are the names of your partner’s parents? How old are they?
  6. What does your partner do for a living? 
  7. Do you have housing organised in Sweden? Do you know where you will be living / Do you know where the address is? 
  8. What was the date of your marriage? Was it a civil, religious, or other type of wedding? 
  9. Describe the wedding?
  10. When was the last time you saw your partner? 
  11. How do you and your partner stay in touch? 
  12. When/how/where did you and your partner first meet? 
  13. Does your partner live with anyone else? Who? 
  14. Do you live with anyone else? Who? 
  15. When do you plan on moving to Sweden? 
  16. Is your marriage registered in Sweden? 
  17. Is your marriage registered in your home country? 

Sweden dependent moving interview embassy partner

The case officer will also ask more specific questions related to your personal circumstances. However, the interview questions will mainly be related to the application that you submitted and the application that your partner in Sweden submitted. It is therefore good to discuss the application form before submission to ensure that both of you submit the same details.

As well as, that you both are aware of the topics mentioned in the forms. You can save the application forms before submission and you can go through both yours and your partners before the interview to prepare. 

If you have only known each other for a short time, the Migration Agency is likely to ask more questions regarding your relationship. This is to ensure that it is a serious relationship and not fake. Your partner in Sweden may also in this case need to have an interview as well.