Moving to Sweden as an EU citizen

Thanks to the free movement within the EU, moving to Sweden as an EU citizen is very simple. EU citizens are entitled to:

  • look for a job in Sweden
  • work in Sweden without needing a work permit
  • reside in Sweden for work purposes 
  • stay even after the employment is finished
  • be treated equally to Swedish nationals in the access to employment, the working conditions, taxes, and all other social advantages

Although it is not required to apply for a work permit or a residence permit, EU nationals moving to Sweden for longer than 3 months will need to register with the Swedish Tax Agency. This can be done on the Swedish Tax Agency’s website here.

If you will be living in Sweden for a year or more you will receive a personal ID number. This is very beneficial to have in Sweden as it is required for most practical things such as opening bank accounts, renting apartments, and membership applications (gym, grocery store, etc.). It is possible to do these things without a personal ID number but having one makes it significantly easier.