How long is a Work Permit and what are you allowed to do?

Your first Sweden work permit duration is normally 2 years, but it can be shorter depending on circumstances. Your extension will give you another 2 years, after which you can apply for permanent residency

Having a work permit in Sweden means that there are some limitations on what you are allowed to do. The limitations will differ based on whether or not you have held a work permit in Sweden for more or less than 2 years.

Work permit process steps sweden

During the first 2 years of your work permit duration in Sweden

During the first two years in Sweden while holding a work permit you will be tied to your employer and your occupation/role. A change of employer or role will therefore require you to submit a new application. If you will be changing positions, being promoted, or changing employer a new application must be submitted to the Migration Agency before these changes can be made.

If you start working in a new position or for a new employer during the first two years of your work permit, you will be working illegally in Sweden. Working illegally in Sweden may result in deportation and a rejection of future work permit applications.

During the second 2 years in Sweden

Once you have held a work permit in Sweden for 2 consecutive years or more, you will no longer be tied to your employer. The work permit will still be tied the occupation/role so any changes there will still require a new application. You are however free to change employers without needing to submit a new application.