17 most needed jobs in Sweden high demand

If you are thinking of seeking employment in Sweden it can be good to be aware of the jobs which are in high demand. We have listed top 17 most needed jobs in Sweden defined by the Migration Agency to help you.

The Migration Agency has classified the below as some of the most needed jobs (valid as of the 18th of May 2020): 


  • IT operations technicians
  • IT support engineers
  • System administrators
  • System analysts and IT architects
  • System managers
  • System testers and test managers
  • Software and applications developers and analysts


  • Electrotechnology engineers
  • Electrical engineering technicians
  • Chemical engineers
  • Chemical engineering technicians
  • Logistics and production planning engineers
  • Mechanical engineers
  • Mechanical engineering technicians
  • Civil engineers
  • Industrial, logistics, and production planning engineering technicians
  • Heat production plant and water supply works operations technicians

As you can see from the above, engineering and tech related jobs are in high demand in Sweden. Aside from this, jobs within life science and medicine, construction, translation, and teaching fields are also in high demand. If you want to learn more about how to get a work permit, we wrote an article to guide you.