Sweden work permit for Indians IT programmers technicians

Indian nationals make up the second largest group of work permit applicants in Sweden based on the Migration Agency’ statistics. Of this group, most individuals are being granted permits within the IT field. You can find more information about which IT jobs are in high demand here. Sweden work permit for Indians requirements are the same as for everyone else.

The process to obtain a work permit in Sweden is rather simple and is mainly done in one of two ways: 

  1. Be offered employment in Sweden
  2. Be transferred to Sweden on assignment by an employer abroad

Option 1 could be seen as more difficult as it will rely on your ability to seek out and be offered employment by a company in Sweden. It is, however, a more long-term alternative as most local employment in Sweden are permanent positions. 

Option 2 could be seen as an easier alternative if you are working for an international company in India. Many larger Indian companies have branches in Sweden or work closely with Swedish companies where the Indian workers frequently travel for work to Sweden. However, in most cases these assignments are time-limited meaning that individuals would only transfer to Sweden for a few months or a few years. Although the assignments are time-limited many individuals who obtain work permits through this route successfully apply for local employment at other companies after having arrived in Sweden so that they can stay indefinitely. 

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