Self Employment Visa


I apologize for asking such a general question. The only information I was about to find was from the official migration website. Here is what I am trying to accomplish.

I am looking for more information about how to apply to the self employment visa.
Here is the official link that explains the procedure:,about%20visas%20under%20Visit%20Sweden.

I took the time to read the section related to this type of visa and I am a little confused. Do you need to already have an operating company prior to applying to this visa? I didn’t find this requirement in the official link above. They do require a proof of funds of 200k sek.But there is no mention regarding the fact that you need to have a registred company in Sweden. Anyways, any information that would help me with my relocation is welcomed.

I know that I could look for a job given the fact that the field I am involved in is in high demand right now, but I think that remotely applying can prove to be difficult and would likely take more time and effort, not to mention the uncertainty that goes with it, than simply applying for a self employment visa.

P.S.: I am a software engineer, 39 years old, and I have a canadian engineering degree (bachelor and masters degree in computer and sofware engineering from a reputed university in Montreal, QC). Right now I am in Morocco and looking to relocate to Sweden.

Best regards and thank you in advance.

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3 years ago

Hi Medvih,

Thank you for your question.

You will not need to have a company that is registered in Sweden when applying but it is generally recommended that you already have a company in your home country. You can try applying without having any established company but these applications can be quite difficult to get approved. The more established that the company is the higher the chance of approval. If you are able to register a company in Sweden first your application will have higher legitimacy which could lead to a higher chance of approval.

As for your point about applying for a work permit taking more time and being less certain, we would like to note that an application for self employment is a rather difficult and long process. The processing time for this is currently 14-20 months and the Migration Agency is rather strict when assessing these applications. Note also that the 14-20 month processing time is for straight forward cases where no additional questions are required. As such, it is generally faster and easier to gain employment and apply for a standard work permit from abroad. There are many international companies in Sweden that are happy to sponsor work permits and the processing time for a standard work permit can be as fast as 2 weeks if they are a certified employer. If they are not certified it can instead take between 5-8 months. This is still almost 3 times faster than a self employment permit.

Kind regards,

2 years ago

Hi every one,
I am bussiness person and Professional civil Engineer from Pakistan.

I want to relocate to sweden on self employed immigration.

Please recommend me some good repute Consultant advisor for immigration process completion.

E mail