Changing Job after 3 years

I work as a IT consultant and have already extended my work permit the first time.So i arrived in sweden in 2019 and extended in 2021 Jan for another 2 years with my employer in sweden(local contract).Now i am getting a offer but the problem is with the designaion i guess.In my work permit it shows Konsult-projectleader but the new role would be solution engineer.Would this mean that i will have to apply for a new permit or would i be able to use the existing one itself.I am still in the same occupation but all companies cant have the same designation.


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2 years ago

Hi mullotra,

Since I understand that you have been granted an extension past the two year mark this means that you are no longer tied to your employer. You are, however, still bound to your occupation that your permit was approved for. You mention that you were previously approved a permit as “Konsult-projectleader” but that the new position is titled “solution engineer”. This can make things tricky as it is not always certain as to whether a new application is needed or not.

When the Migration Agency reviews whether or not a new application is required they review the following information:

  1. The SSYK code
  2. The job description
  3. The job title

This is all information that can be found on the “OOE” (offer of employment). This is a special form that is submitted by the employer together with each application.

When individuals have drastically different titles it can generally be safer to submit a new application before the start of the new employment even though it in many cases should not be needed. Doing so ensures that you are compliant and avoids any issues in the future where case officers can have questions about the differences in titles.

If you do not wish to submit a new application you can instead try to obtain the previously submitted offer of employment. You can either try to obtain this from your employer or you can request this directly from the Migration Agency here:

After obtaining this you can check and ensure that the description stated matches the description for your new work and the SSYK code must also be reviewed to ensure that it is appropriate and that there is not a new code that would better match your new employment.

These things can be quite tricky which is why many companies use representatives or consultants to help review this information. It could therefore be worth checking with the company to see if they have an agreement with a consultant or representative who can help with this review to ensure that you are compliant.

I hope that this provides some clarity.

Kind regards,