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I hope you are doing well,

I have some questions:

1- I am master student came to Sweden with my husband (as my dependent with work resident permit), he got a job after 3 months and apply for work permit( he applied 5 months ago and still decision pending). As our resident permit expire end of August 2020, I already applied for extension and received my resident permit card for 2021. I want to know if they rejected his work permit application, would it be possible for him to switch as my dependent again? I really want to complete my study and we want to live together.

2- Does the period on which a person works on Sweden with dependent visa counts when it comes to apply for permanent resident permit?

3-Regarding to permanent resident permit, is it important to have like two times 2-years work permit to fulfill the total 4 years? I am asking because my husband passport is valid for 1.5 year so his work permit would be less than 2-year. So, he will probably be received work permit for less than 2 years!

Thanks a lot

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3 years ago

Hi Emilia J,
Thank you for your question. Please find our comments below:
1: There are a few things to note here:
– A person can only hold one permit type at a time
– Dependent permits cannot be withdrawn once the dependent has entered Sweden
As a dependent permit cannot be withdrawn it is not possible for the Migration Agency to make a decision for the work permit until the dependent permit has expired as your partner cannot hold two permits at the same time. When switching permit types there is also a risk that the Migration Agency will ask the applicant (your husband) to leave Sweden in order for the permit to be approved. This is also something that may happen and something that you may want to prepare for.
If you are worried about rejection you can send an e-mail to the Migration Agency ( providing the case number and stating that if a work permit can’t be approved that your partner wishes to be granted a permit as your dependent again. The Migration Agency can then consider both conditions in the same case before rejection.
2: Dependent permits are not counted towards permanent residence when the applicant switches to a work permit.
3: This is not an issue. It can be nice to have 2 permits that are both valid for 2 years because that means that only 3 applications will be required in total (one for the first work permit, one for the extension, and one for permanent residence). However, in this case your husband would have to submit 4 applications (one for the first permit of 1.5 years, one for the extension of 2 years, one for the missing 0,5 years of permit period required to reach the 4 year mark, and the final application for permanent residence).
I hope that this provides some clarity to your questions.