Spouse’s surname while applying visa for family members

I sincerely request clarification on my query below:

I will be soon getting an employment contract from Sweden and I am planning to move to Sweden with my family. I read that application can be filed together, and my family members (spouse and 2 kids) will be travelling later after 5-6 months, after I move. Thank you very much for this information.

Question is on the surname of my spouse between Passport and Marriage Certificate. Passport has current surname (my name) and the Marriage certificate has the surname at birth. Would this be a problem while applying for permit? I saw family surname and surname at birth (two separate options) in the application form. Specifying both surnames in the application form will help accepting the form or any other documents I would have to produce?

Thank you and looking forward to your response.

Praveen Raj

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3 years ago

Hi Praveen,

Thank you for your question.

It is quite common that a partner will switch surnames when getting married and that the name is therefore different on the marriage certificate and in the passport so it is something the Migration Agency is used to seeing.

As you mentioned, when filling out the application there will be a field where you can state the previous surname for your spouse. From our experience it is generally sufficient to simply state the previous surname as well as the new surname in the application form (in their respective fields). The marriage certificate (if this is not in English it will need to be translated) and passport (with the new surname) should then be submitted to the Migration Agency together with the application as additional proof. In some cases the Migration Agency can request further documentation regarding name changes but it is quite uncommon that they do so.