General tips on looking for jobs in Sweden without Swedish

Finding a job in Sweden from abroad can be quite difficult. Especially if you can’t speak Swedish. However, we have complied a list of where and how to look for jobs in Sweden that doesn’t require Swedish! Below are some tips that might help you in your job search.

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  1. Arbetsförmedlingen

Arbetsförmedlingen is one of the biggest job portals in Sweden. The website itself is unfortunately mainly in Swedish but you can still use it for job searches as many companies post the advertisement itself in English. Those companies want English speaking employees and not many outside Sweden knows about it and you can greatly benefit from this site. This is also a good place to find jobs because all jobs that can lead to work permit sponsorship must be advertised on this website.

  1. Tech companies

Tech is an industry that is rapidly growing and where there is a high demand to find new talent. As the local Swedish workforce cannot meet this demand many companies look to hire skilled individuals from abroad. As such it can be quite easy to find tech companies that are more than willing to sponsor a work permit for a person that has the right skills. Look for startups, they normally require a workforce quickly for their growth.

  1. Big international companies

As with the tech companies, most if not all big international companies are able to sponsor work permits for skilled talent. If you work for an international company abroad that has offices in Sweden you can also look into the possibility of transferring to the Swedish office. Or you can get a job position that has the possibility to relocate you to Sweden.

  1. Study in Sweden

Although maybe not the cheapest option, a good way of finding a job is to come to Sweden as a student. If you receive a residence permit for studies in Sweden you will generally be exempt from the requirement to have a work permit. This means that you can freely look for employment during your study time. If by the end of your studies you have found a job in Sweden it is very easy to transition from a student permit to a work permit.

If you have completed at least 30 credits of studies at the Swedish university and if you have held a permit for longer than 6 months, you can continue to live and work in Sweden while your work permit is being processed. Look into companies like Husqvarna Group, Ericsson and Huawei.

  1. Travel to Sweden on a working holiday visa

Not everyone will be eligible for this option but it is one that could help get the process of living and working in Sweden started. In order to apply for this permit the following requirements must be met:

  • be a citizen of Argentina, Australia, Canada, Chile, Hong Kong, New Zealand, South Korea or Uruguay
  • be 18–30 years old
  • have a valid passport
  • have at least SEK 15,000 so that you can support yourself initially in Sweden
  • have a return ticket or enough money to buy one
  • have a comprehensive health insurance policy that covers health and medical care in Sweden (unless you are a citizen of Australia)
  • not bring any children with you.

On this permit you will be permitted to look for jobs and to work freely. One thing to keep in mind is that you may need to leave Sweden when switching to your work permit after the working holiday visa expires. Despite this, the applying for this permit could help you get a foot in the door and hopefully find you a long term employer in Sweden. This is a great way to find local job listings, like in the newspaper, which increases your chances of getting a job!